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We offer investors of all sizes opportunities to invest in sophisticated hedge fund quality investment strategies

What we do

At AMFA, our goal is to level the playing field by offering sophisticated hedge-fund quality investment strategies to all investors including retail clients.

We offer individual managed account services. We have low minimum capital requirements unlike hedge funds and other private placements which generally have a high investment requirement creating barriers to entry. Furthermore, we do not have a lock-in period which is typically required by hedge funds or other private funds.

Most of our investment returns are expected to be long-term capital gains, offering a great tax advantage for the U.S. tax-payers. We offer other tax advantaged investment strategies as well.

Most investment advisors would simply allocate clients' capital into other unit investment trusts or mutual funds, but at AMFA we actively manage our portfolios according to our proprietary strategies by accessing the US equity, commodity and derivative markets directly -- forgoing middle-man fees. 

We strive for excellence in building a bright financial future for our clients.

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